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About Brotherhood of Light

Brotherhood of Light is an EU MMORPG guild that was founded in March 2005 in World of Warcraft where it still exists on the Emerald Dream server. It has seen several iterations in differing online games such as Aion, Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2. Current plans are to start an extension to the guild with some of the original members in Elder Scrolls Online when it releases on 4/4/2014.

We are a mature guild who prioritise both our professional lives and game playing, we understand that people do have jobs and work long hours or have families to look after. There is always a social side to every game we play as well as a serious endgame 'raiding' atmosphere. We are always open to new members who just want to join to have a chat when they get home,as well as the more serious raider who wants to progress and see all the content a game has to offer.

When we get into ESO our main goal will be PvE and finishing all content with our usual style (i.e. none :D) whilst enjoying and getting to know each other. Our guild motto has always been "Remember it's a game, have fun" one that we always try to adhere to. After a vote in the guild we will be playing in the Daggerfall Covenant alliance upon release.

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